Friday, August 12, 2016

Fall 2016 Update

Rather than looking at a question this week, I think it’s time for another update. First off, the eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that the “Meetings” tab is down. It might be that way for about another week, as I decide what topic we will discuss and when. Labor Day and a few other scheduling issues are making it so that it has to be pushed back a little. Right now, I am looking at September 18th being the next time we can get together. That means we are looking at a bit of a gap, but it won’t be too bad. And of course, I will be keeping up the online presence so QF stays in people’s minds.


For one thing, these articles will continue on a weekly basis. As a reminder, their purpose is to take a look at questions about Christian spirituality, God, and the Bible. I want to help people work through difficult passages, concepts, and circumstances, to show them that faith does provide answers. For another, I will still occasionally share articles from others that I feel coincide with the mission here. That happens irregularly, though, as the mood strikes me. More frequent are my short takes. I have begun posting a few verses every day or two with a brief explanatory and encouraging comment. These small posts are meant to be an accessible way to experience QF regularly.


There is also a change coming to the way meetings are done, which I want to introduce now. As I have mentioned before, my eventual goal is to plant a new church in the Greensburg, PA region. Let me say, I certainly do not expect or intend for every person who comes now to also have to join the church once it starts. They will be welcome, obviously, but I am not trying to snipe people from other churches or pressure people into more of a commitment than they are willing to make. For now, I just want people to join the discussions. But this is part of the process, and the plan.

The forums are to be an extension of the church, as the primary method of instruction. Of course, that requires them to become weekly at some point. We are not quite there yet, but I do feel monthly meetings leave them spaced too far apart. Therefore, starting with the next meeting, they will occur every other week rather than on the first Sunday of every month. Having them more frequently will hopefully keep them more in people’s minds, giving them more reason to try it out. And obviously, it will be a good step toward the goal of meeting every week.


Outreach is another issue, and a complicated one. I have never wanted to exclude anyone based on age or education, but I have made it clear that my primary demographic is college students and young adults. They are, after all, a group in need of reaching. That is why I am targeting Greensburg. But it makes the ministry seasonal, in a sense. With the colleges empty for summer, there have not been any developments on that front. My hope is for that to change soon. I will be submitting flyers for distribution around the campuses, and I will also be reaching out to the various campus ministry groups to seek their advice and assistance in attracting this audience. Again, however, I am not looking to keep others away. Flyers are also going up in stores, coffee shops, post offices, and anywhere else with a bulletin board. I also send out reminders on local community Facebook groups. If you want a flyer to put up, or if you know of a local group page on which I should post, let me know.

The Goal

The steps taking place, new and continuing, are all designed with the goal of getting a core group and growing attendance. I have not yet approached any church, even my own, for support. In my case, because this ministry and the plans for it are a bit on the unusual side, I feel I need to have something to show before I develop or submit any type of prospectus. With just 20 people in regular attendance, though, I would be ready to take that step.

Help Wanted

But to get there, I need your help. A ministry like this spreads by word of mouth. Please tell people about what I am doing. “Like” and “Share” the posts on Facebook, and do both, because they provide different things. Retweet articles on Twitter. Ask questions I can write about. Invite friends to the meetings. If you know anyone at Seton Hill University, Pitt Greensburg, Westmoreland County Community College, or Saint Vincent College, put us in contact. That would require the most effort, but most of these should not be any trouble. If you are reading my posts, it takes maybe two extra mouse clicks. But for every person who does that, I get an audience that is exponentially increased. If you get anything out of what I provide here, please commit to spreading the word. I cannot do it alone.

Along with that, please commit to praying. If you can do nothing else, whether as a result of distance or lack of time, please at least keep me in mind when you communicate with God. Ask Him to bless this, to make it fruitful, to encourage me to continue and to give me wisdom. Partner with me, and with Him, to bring this to life.

My Quest

Remember, above all, that this is a ministry. I am doing my best to answer the call I feel the Lord has placed on my life. My ultimate goal, my ambition, is to please Him. In this aspect of my life, that means showing the world that Christianity is not afraid of questions, that no honest question will be ignored, that answers can be found in Jesus Christ, and that together we can discover and grow in life’s purpose. That, after all, is why it is called “Quest Forums.” My quest is to facilitate others as they go on theirs. I want a place where, as the motto says, we seek meaning together. Help me build it. Be part of this with me. I think we can do something amazing, and if you think so, too, then let’s actually do it. And may God then be glorified through us.

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