Sunday, June 7, 2015

What Do We Do About Scandal?

I shared this article from Breitbart a few days ago, but it has still been on my mind and I want to discuss it a bit further. It has not been easy for me to know what to make of the Duggar Scandal since it broke, and John Nolte, the author of the article, really helped to clarify my thinking. He puts a spotlight on the fact that a terrible crime was committed, and there need to be consequences. So what do we do when scandal breaks out among Christians? We start by making sure we keep in mind the difference between person, and persona.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Who Holds the Future of Christianity?

I came across this article the other day, and I think it forces us to ask an important question. The author is liberal Catholic Damon Linker, and he has a perspective that I find intriguing. His article comes with a question, and though it is an implicit one, he provides his own answer. Does the future of Christianity belong to its liberal or conservative iterations? Linker suggests that it more fully belongs to liberal Christians like him, and he uses as evidence the recent decision of the people of Ireland to vote overwhelmingly in favor of legalizing homosexual “marriage.” The vote has been something of a shock, considering Ireland’s historic ties to the Roman Catholic Church (RCC). However, there are growing numbers of liberal Catholics like Linker (and liberal members of other traditions) who are bucking old forms and calling for changes to the doctrines and practices of their religion.