Friday, September 11, 2015

What Do We Need to Remember on 9/11?

Today, we remember what evil looks like, and it can raise many questions in our minds. I believe those questions have answers, though they are hardly ever satisfying emotionally. But it is even more important to remember what came out of it. In the face of such monstrous hatred, we gathered around one another to stand for life, liberty, and love. The questions of why it happened, or why it was allowed to happen, did not matter as much as whether we could persevere.

And we did, then. In the time that has passed since, we have too often forgotten what unifies us. We have been divided, and lost sight of what we have together. But those things are still true, and still give us a place to stand if we return to them.

Anyone who knows this ministry, knows my purpose here. The principles of unity, life, liberty, and love are graven into Christianity, graven into the very arms, feet, and side of Jesus Christ. He gives them their fullest expression, and our way of living is a reflection of them.

I also know, however, that they are goods in and of themselves available to reason. Anyone can understand them, and can share them with those around him regardless of creed. In Jesus we see them clearly, but in this nation we have the benefit of being able to see their outline and practice them with one another. We have been able to do that to an extent unknown in the rest of the history of the world, and it is worth celebrating these blessings. It is worth joining hands to keep them alive.

Christianity has been the largest influence on the principles of this nation, which is why our enemies conflate the two. We know they are not actually synonymous. But they do work quite well together. Those of us in God’s family cannot give up on the values that transcend the threats against us, the values that make this nation great. And if you do not care to be part of that family, at least admit of the good we can all do together and let us work to not give destruction and evil the last word. If we do not allow ourselves to be divided on what really matters, we will not fall. This is my call to remember that. I still believe we can.

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